Hi Im Janessa!

Health Coach (Integrative Institute of Nutrition Student)

Aquarius sun, Libra rising, Cap moon / Projector / INFP 

Minimalist, travel junkie, foodie at heart

My true love is OG dark chocolate.

Ny story=

Since I was 12 years old I compared myself to other girlfriends, constantly being my own worst critic, wishing my body was different. Throughout my young adult life I struggled with not only fearing food, but always searching for the next best restrictive way of altering my diet so I would reach my perfect dream body.


Binge eating, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue & self loathing beliefs consumed my LIFE. I was constantly burnt out, stressed out & worrying about food 24/7. I wanted to live life with more freedom & flow but my mindset & views on food were ultimately preventing me from actually living life with confidence, enjoyment & passion.


I have the energy, mental clarity & healthy digestion I always was dreaming about. Ive released guilt & shame around eating certain foods. I eat what I want & when I want..(hello dessert!) I have more time to focus on my passions instead of obsessing over food.

Currently living on the magical island of Kauai, sharing healing touch through my  private massage practice & holistic health coaching business remotely - guiding woman who wish to live life with more flow, intuition & freedom.

How did I do it?


After years of frustration, I made it an effort to break up with food rules & start to listening to my body (for once!)

Trusting my body took many years, but now with the many practices I do on a daily basis it has allowed me to free my mind & my life from restriction, bad eating habits & negative mindset around food. Stepping into body acceptance has also changed the way I view and see food as well - letting go of societies beauty standards of what my body should look in order to feel confident & worthy.

I realized that it wasn't my diet that wasn't working it was my mindset & relationship with my body that was holding me back.







My philosphies


Mindful eating allows you to be fully  present with your food so you can learn to enjoy the full sensory experience when coming to your plates without distractions. Intuitive eating plays a big part in mindful eating as it allows you to tune into your body's natural cravings & hunger cues - instead of fighting them, you can learn to honor & respect these amazing gifts.

anti diet culture

I believe letting go of diets, meal plans, & rules around food will create the freedom around food & your body.The focus turns into eating out of health & moderation instead of sculpting and molding your body to look a certain way. My "all food fits" approach helps us to see that there is no "bad" or "good" foods, and that you can eat your favorites foods whilst living healthfully & sustainably.

Sacred Self care 

Nurturing our physical, emotional & spiritual needs is so key for recovery & maintaining a healthy mindset around our bodies & food. We often times neglect or dont make time for rest & relaxation which puts us in a constant state of fight or flight which leads to binging, overeating or food obsessing. Adopting self care as part of a lifestyle will create the necessary foundation for healing.

"Abundance is the energy of permission.  The more you permit yourself to desire what you want, express gratitude for what you have, and be excited for whatever comes your way, the more abundance you are bound to receive." - Matt Kahn

Where Im at now

Work with me

1:1 Coaching - 3 to 6 Month Journey

Designed for those fully committed to a transform their belief patterns & reprogram they way they relate to their bodies & food. Learn the tools to stop binging/over eating & start eating intuitively. Ditch the diets & start trusting your body again. 

Therapeutic bodywork that blends thai yoga massage, ashiatsu(barefoot) & reiki energy work to create a fully integrated healing experience. Targeting connective tissue, relieve aches/pains in the body while removing energy blockages.

I am currently located in the North Shore Kauai & I am making outcalls from Kapaa - Haena areas.



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