My story

Throughout my childhood & young adult life I suffered with long term anxiety, chronic digestive issues, food addiction & poor self esteem. It wasn't until going through my own spiritual awakening in 2012 - after falling asleep at the wheel and getting a car crash  - my whole world quite literally got shaken up.

I started questioning why the hell I was so unhappy all of the time & realized that my lifestyle was not in alignment with how I wanted to move & BE in the world.


I did a complete 360 and I changed my diet, quit drinking & started going to yoga classes. I started seeing the world from a different lens, one that was full of exponential potential & possibility. 

I was turned on & cracked open to what life was like without numbing, escaping and ignoring myself.

Eventually I quite college, and started seeking education & experiences that every cell in my body said yes to & started to let go of all the choices that were not serving me.  I went to conscious music & art gatherings, studied yoga in India & discovered the power of touch through massage therapy & energy work.

Through my own self discovery & following my passion towards for self development it has guided me to serve other woman who need guidance during their own self healing journey - physically, emotionally & spiritually. 

Let this life happen for you, not to you. You are worthy of living in your truest expression. I am here to support you along the way.​


650 Hours Massage Therapy at the Ashland Institute of Massage, Ashland Oregon

Reiki Holy Fire 1 & 2

200 Hours RYT, Hatha Yoga & Yoga Therapy at Parmanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research - Indore, India 

300 Hours RYT, Hatha Yoga, Shiva Yoga Peeth - Rishikesh, India 

Health Coaching Cert. at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition 

Fun Facts About Janessa

Sun sign: Aquarius 

Rising sign: Libra

Moon Sign: Capricorn

Human Design: Projector

Personality Type: INFP

Spirit Animal: Owl

Favorite Tarot Card: The Magician

Love Language: Touch & Quality of Time.

Self Love Practice: Loving self affirmations & yoga.

Plant medicine: Cacao

Work with me

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