Let go of restriction & start living with freedom.

1 : 1 Coaching & what to expect

If you choose to embark on this journey with me here is what you'll learn:



- What it looks & feels like to be confident in your skin. As someone who struggled with years of body acceptance, I know what it feels like to always be obsessing over your weight & appearance. 


- Understand what the heck intuitive eating even is.. & how you can start eating like a normal person by really tapping into your body's natural hunger cues & cravings. 

- Learn how to remove food rules & understand the "all food fits" method to get you eating all the yummy delicious food you want, whilst reaching your health & fitness goals.

- How to stop fighting your emotions & use them as your secret weapon to stop those midnight ben & jerry's cherry garcia binges!


- How to fully enjoy & take pleasure out of food instead of counting every calorie in your fitpal or stressing about all those temptations at your friends potluck.


- Self care is not all bubble bath's & spa days. Its unravelling the deep dark ish that hangs out in your subconscious closet. Uncover the true root causes of where your food obsession lies through primary foods.

If you are fully committed to your path to food freedom - please connect with me to schedule a free discovery call session to see if we are the right fit for reach other. Spaces are limited!

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